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Pinto Roofing LLC has been taking care of roofs in Boerne. We understand the climate particulars, building codes, and zoning particulars that can cause you a headache. From small repairs to entire new roofs, we have your solution for roof repair in Boerne.

Roofs are more than just aesthetics. They are the first point of contact your house has with the elements. A good roof is essential to protecting both the structural integrity of your home and your valuable assets inside. Thinking about roof repair is therefore a decision impacting not only how your house is going to look on the outside, but how you take care of everything on the inside.

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Who We Are

Protect your Home with a Quality Roof Repair Company

Concerned about a large home repair bill for significant roof damage? Delaying necessary roof repairs may cost you further in the long term. Preventative maintenance is essential when it comes to protecting one of your most important possessions.

If you have been interrupted by a roof leak, structural damage, or water stain, you can rely on us to repair your home roofs.

Pinto Roofing LLC’s house roof repair and commercial roof maintenance teams are made up of specially trained organization members that specialize in residential roof care. This implies that we do all of our business repair work ourselves. When you order a service from our organization, you are receiving a constantly trained, specialized, and professional individual that understands how to execute the task correctly.

Roof Repair Services: Professional & Local Contractors

If you have a roofing issue that has to be treated right away, whether it is susceptible to serious storm damages or years of wear and tear, we will get there quickly and fix it perfectly the first time. Our roof repair specialists have been in business for many years.

Over the years, we have built a fully-trained service crew that is exclusively dedicated to the many sorts of roof problems that commonly require repair. We offer full-time roofing repair contractors with many years of expertise that are trained, drug checked, and arrive at your door wearing immaculate uniforms. Our emergency commercial roof repair experts will detect a problem and then fix it correctly the first time, giving you peace of mind that your house is safe.

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