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Pinto Roofing LLC proudly specializes in re-roofing, this includes removing and hauling away your old roof, delivery, and installation of your new roof. A roof replacement is a substantial job—and it’s not one to trust to just any roofing contractors who throw out the lowest bid! To ensure long-term quality that stands up to demanding weather conditions, leave your residential & commercial roofing projects to none other than Pinto Roofing LLC.

As a family-owned and family-focused business for over 10 years, we’re proud to be a full-service roofer that you can trust. Our office staff is knowledgeable to help you with making any decisions necessary to complete your roofing project, including a new roof, service to your existing roof, installation of attic insulation, and questions on your warranty. We look forward to meeting with you and working with you soon.

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Who We Are

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A roof failure, leaking, aging, worn-out components, or a recently bought house that requires upgrades are all reasons for roof replacement. Roof replacement may also be required when installing an A/C unit, a piping stack, an exhaust vent, a skylight, or other similar improvements. If your roof has to be replaced, depending on its condition and your goals, it may be best to replace the complete roof or look into partial replacement solutions from residential roof replacement contractors.

Commercial roof replacement technologies are available. The greatest alternative for meeting your demands will be determined by your objectives and budget. Please contact us for more information about our packages.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

If your roof is properly vented and built, you should be able to reach close to that 25-year lifespan. You want to replace your roof before it begins to leak or entirely fails.
Don’t put off replacing your roof until it’s too late; get ahead of any possible issues and repair it before it’s too late.

Your roofing materials should last for as long as the manufacturer says they will. However, there are times when your roof collapses prematurely, necessitating a roof replacement far before it is required.

Contact us if you have questions about roofs or need roof replacement services.

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