Siding provides homeowners the protection they need during severe winter months. It also makes your home look new, increasing its value and curb appeal. New siding installation also protects your home by preventing damage caused by environmental factors like snow, rain, wind hail, and sunlight.

Before we begin any job, we provide a detailed estimate that includes the price of materials and labor for your siding installation. We want you to understand the job’s cost beforehand so there are no surprises, and you can plan to stay within your budget. We have an experienced team that has been in the industry for years. Our siding installers are certified to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards.

Sidings We’re Offering

Siding Installation

Our siding installers offer a wide variety of colors and materials to ensure you love the look of your home, and we’re a certified siding company, so you never have to worry about subpar results.

Siding Replacement

At Pinto Roofing LLC, we provide ideal siding replacement options, top-quality siding materials, and superior service.

Siding Repair

As a local siding contractor that’s dedicated to excellence, we take pride in delivering unmatched customer service, extensive warranties, and free estimates to every client we serve.

Vinyl Siding

Get peace of mind knowing that you will have trusted and high-quality professionals submitting estimates for vinyl siding.

Wood Siding

Look no further than Pinto Roofing LLC. Our experts have been designing and installing high-quality wood siding for homeowners throughout Boerne.

Metal Siding

Metal Siding creates a unique, one-of-a-kind look on any project, making it an optimal choice for exterior siding panels and those who want their project to be eye-catching and stand out!

Fiber Cement Siding

In terms of durability, fiber cement siding is tough to beat. Crafted from a special blend of Portland cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, this home siding is like armor for your home.

Insulated Siding

If you’re thinking about updating the outside of your home with new insulated siding, you want to ensure that you will be getting the exact style and value that you’re looking for.

Crane Board Siding

With Crane Board insulated siding, you can have the look and feel of real wood without the maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about chipped paint or scratching.

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